Hello, Beautiful


Pick your kit, fill our a quick survey, and let out Comfort Specialists build the perfect box for you

A Lady's Lite Kit

Here's the quickest, and simplest option for our ladies: A Lady's Lite Kit. Let us know what brand of tampon or pad is your favorite, and we will make sure you never have to make that run to the store again. Every month will include more than enough feminine care, 3 surprise items, and a snack to satisfy those cravings.

Go with the Flow Kit

This kit includes everything you might possibly need for when Aunt Flo comes knocking. We want to have you ready with all the supplies to make her stay as luxurious and comfortable as possible. More than just a tampon/chocolate subscription, every month will feature a few luxury items that will pamper you, as we aim to be a gentle reminder to practice some much needed self-care. Try it today, and you'll receive an email shortly, so we can build the perfect box for you. Your box will have your favorite brands, favorite snacks, and a few surprise goodies each month. $40 retail value, you only pay $19.95, with free shipping!

Pamper Me Organically

Our all natural and organic supplies aren't just appeasing to Mother Nature, but also to anyone with sensitive skin. Chlorine-free organic tampons, vegan make up, delicious organic tasty delights. Let us pamper you with all natural, completely organic luxury goods. We want to make you feel loved during that time of the month. Every month we will feature different amazing products to help you feel better than normal, all packed up in our recycled packing material and boxes.