About Us

 What makes us so delightful? 

 When Jennifer and Alexandria founded the company, they had no idea how many women it could reach. In research stages, we met with women from all over to hear about their experiences. We were floored by how much responsibility they shouldered with ease, but also with how little women spoiled themselves. 

In today's world, a young lady wears so many hats, pleasing as many people as possible, that sadly the most important one often gets left by the wayside. 


We promise to help remind you to practice that self care.  We want you to take all the time in the world in your bubble bath. We hope to bring you more joy, and keep all the necessities stocked while we're doing it. No more trips to the corner store at midnight!  

Did we mention chocolate?


  More important than chocolate, if that's possible, is our planet. We are committed to giving back. We plant 10 trees for every 100 boxes sold. We ship in 100% recycled boxes, and use the same standard for our included packing materials, and labels. We donate our boxes to shelters, to provide women with luxury who might need that pick me up more than ever. We hope we can inspire you to give back to your community in some way as well.   


Are you ready?

Starting at $12.95, you're taken care of.